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this is what i think about life! February 10, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.

We all are born for  some purpose or another ! life is not about making money and mating but its all about living. For a few days due to the stupid pressure of boards i have been thinking about life. Well i think we all have souls or spirits inside us they are nothing but energy balls. It depends what kind of energy is it positive, negative or neutral. I think there is life after life.! We live for a period of time and in that time period we have to improve upon our selves so that we can go to the higher level. The more positive and good we feel the more good it is. Its very complicated and kind of difficult too to put in words but anyway the main thing is its not what we are but who we are. There are much higher level of spirits above who help us to come up. They are our masters and these souls help us to come up.

Its more like a school just imagine a big building full of energy balls and the teachers are the masters they help us to reach to the ultimate level. According to me the ultimate level is nothing but just two big energy balls one positive and the other negative. If it is balanced peace will be there in the universe, and if someone reaches the ultimate level it just joins that ball and become one.

Moreover i also think that we human beings form a very small part of this thing.  Universe is very big it has lots of much higher level of life forms that we dont know. Well i just want to say we all have to be happy and do our work face the problems and be a human. Our religion should be humanity.

The post is not in a systematic manner, these are my thoughts so they are like random. Do comment if you find anything you know wrong or something you want to add or anything!



1. Esha - February 10, 2010

*goes all drunk*

whaaaat theee phuck wajj dat? 0.o
I can’t read. :p

itsmeaditya - February 10, 2010

Esha err okay ! thanks! :]

2. GAnesh - February 10, 2010





3. GAnesh - February 10, 2010





4. Pulkit - February 10, 2010

i didnt read it

5. Pulkit - February 10, 2010

too philosphical yaar…nd i dont even agree with the first lines…mating???u didnt cum up wid that

itsmeaditya - February 10, 2010

No i didnt! xD frankly just added to make it look you know something more like of a philosophical thing! btw to all my readers mating is very important ! very very very important! its the basic structure of life! 😀

6. Ankita - February 10, 2010

Mating iz important !! 😮 :p
Lolz… :p

Dint understand a single word of d philosophical blog :p

itsmeaditya - February 10, 2010


Lol happens.! 😛 some day you will surely understand it some day ! 😛

7. Aditi - February 11, 2010

Am Proud of u..:D

itsmeaditya - February 11, 2010


Thank you

8. Natasha - February 11, 2010

Energy balls.., and what what what what? :O

I think I read it, I don’t remember much though .
Random ?
Yeay . Definitely . Way too random , but its okay, as long as its what you think ! 🙂
Carry on, I think I’ll need another birth to understand all that .
And yeay ,
I won’t join any ball 😛
Cause I know, I can never be completely positive, or completely negative , no matter how good I am , I will always be bad to some people .

itsmeaditya - February 11, 2010


Well thats really good! xD being neutral is the best! :]

9. pragati - February 11, 2010

dats really kool…like the way u think and everything..and i agree wit u on all the aspects..

itsmeaditya - February 11, 2010


Thanks! xD :]

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