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We all run for only one thing and that is Mating! xp February 10, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in Uncategorized.

Okay me and Pulkit were just discussing about life and we came to the conclusion that we all humans run after one thing that is sex! i know many of you may be disapproving this but we have a somewhat a valid or a lame reason for it!

We go to a good school so that we get good education

We study hard so that we get into a good university

we groom ourselves

do everything


to become successful! and after becoming successful then to do what?

get married!

and after getting married we mate! 😛 so it ends on mating! 😛 and begins on mating!

Hence proved

The above thought process was the outcome of the mind boggling session of two geniuses Aditya and Pulkit! xD



1. poulami majumder - February 11, 2010

well,,,,, i find the blog very educative n society based n its the perfect way 2 describe dat mating thing ,,, adi u rock,,,,, along wid pulkit

itsmeaditya - February 11, 2010


Thanks a lot! :] it seems me and Pulkit are becoming famous!

2. divij sachdeva - February 12, 2010

lmao……like this post ……and that BALLS thing was hilarious.

itsmeaditya - February 12, 2010


you have a dirty mind! 😛 its actually a fact not something to be laughed on! :]

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