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The Indian Education System February 12, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.

Yesterday i was talking  to my friend, she lives in united states. She said this one thing that really struck me. She said we indian guys study a lot i immediately said naah i dont study but while giving it a second thought i realized we guys actually do study a lot and our childhood is based on our marks.!

I mean hundreds of students commit suicide because of the marking system, the way the students are pressurized is ridiculous. At this point of time every 12th class child is on the verge of a nervous break down. The boards! the name it self sounds like an obnoxious monster with big mouth sharp teeth and who is going to eat us and kill us!!

Now, if we get bad marks or less marks or we dont go into a good university we get criticized badly, and that criticism we get is equal to the criticism a terrorist  gets.
We all get literate but hardly any of us gets educated. Its really bad that when the results come so many students just crush their potentials beneath the layer of death.

There are so lot many things which are just for the sake of being there. Its really bad the way we are educated. We need a hell lotta improvement. The whole CBSE pattern needs to be changed. Instead of boards we should just have an entrance exam kind of thing which tests the potential and IQ of the student in the particular field, now that seems a little impractical, but if we just work on a little here and there we can remove the cons and have a better education system.

And above all the mindset of the society has to be changed which is a big big hurdle on the way. So folks it will take some years to bring the complete change.

The above thoughts were the results of accute frustration due to application of integration and derivatives plus the determination of income and employment and the catalyst was the scolding i got from my parents. :]



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