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CBSE–Central Board of Shittiest education May 23, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.

Hey well yeah i gave my CBSE board exams, i very well thought that i would pass it with flying colors and i can have a nice year ahead, but god had something very different in his mind for me.!

I got a compartment in mathematics, wtf? how can it happen! i got 20% come on i was expecting more than 50%.

i think what might have happened, the examiner wanted to go to do poo poo and he thought hey i am not in a good mood coz i have constipation lets give this guy a 20 and my work is done. So he hands over the paper to a peon and he apparently checks my paper who has not cleared his Xth board exams and then publish it on net. Result–tension, anxiety, depression, 2 months again maths, 4 months sitting idle, seeing your friends enjoying college and you being a douche bag.!

What the hell i seriously wont let that happen.!

i mean if we just think how can a life of a student can be handed over to some douche bag( i am really very sorry to hurt the sentiments not all checkers are douches but some are) and the people who cannot take it that seriously..they just break apart!

This thing really shouldnt happe.! but what can we do! even if we sue it its a government organization, it wont give a damn! its a bloody whole scam everyone knows it and everyone suffers from it!

why not just dissolve this whole bloody CBSE thing!


Central Board of Shittiest Education.

I am just praying to god that all those students who had a compartment and they didnt deserve let them get their deserved marks or at least passing marks..





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