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What actually makes people going? January 4, 2011

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.

Alright homies, this post ,  well its a rough thought or whatever, just struck my mind. What actually keeps us humans going, you know there is hell lot of bull shit. Well for instance think of that homeless guy, shivering in cold, cursing all of us, or praying for his death, or is just numb. What keeps him going? What about that hooker , who knows that selling her body doesnt make her feel good, but she still does it for a living, what about her? what keeps her going knowing the fact that literally everyone abominates her. Think of those people who are  caught up in a war, what keeps them going. Well there are many examples, cant count them, its really difficult, try it out sometime, you would be like wooh heey what the fudge! seriously, back to the topic WHAT KEEPS THESE BRAVE SOULS GOING ON!!!


Well , there is this one little thing right in the middle of the heart, that sometimes makes your chest tight, or makes it light. Dont know the medical term, but many of us call it as heart, but its not actually the heart, its that thing which keeps us alive. Lets call it Namuh. Now this Namuh, its inside all of us, now this thing has a direct link to our brain, when everything is going hay wire , and we dont know what to do, Namuh is our knight in shining armor. It gives us hope, it tells us whats wrong and whats right. I listened to my Namuh, and well i am certainly  proud of myself. Dont ignore that feeling you get, its the Namuh talking, you ignore him, you regret. Well folks, thats it, thats just the little thought that struck me. Not so much of a big thing, but hey, its not that bad, alright no one is reading it, many people dont even have a blog. HA HA on your face i have a blog 😛 [ its good you dont have a blog, you have to update it, people pester you on posting new things, YOU HAVE TO THINK]


good night earthlings.





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