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Priori Incantatem November 12, 2011

Posted by itsmeaditya in Uncategorized.

Ahoy to all my alien readers, been pretty long since i updated this blog. I am not talking about wizards and witches fighting over here, well its about my life. This is going to be boring, but besides its fun, no one is going to read it and i can channel my feelings properly, woah i feel like a psychologist. Anyway, my past life in Delhi is clashing with my present life in Bangalore. Yes my dear readers, i am in bangalore now, and i am studying business management, in other words i joined the rat race. Things have been going fine for sometime, but me and my dependency issues, well they seem to make a lot of problem, made some friends here, but i do kinda miss my homies back there in the capital city. I love them actually, and recently not talking to them is bringing me down, i cant put other details over here, you know aliens, they can do anything!
I am too distracted, right? Seriously, there is no link, no sense being made out here, but anyway aliens like reading this.
I seriously miss falling in love, or loving someone, you see, every time i try to woo someone, its just a matter of time, before everything goes haywire, or something or the other happens. Even my birth giver told me that i need to have a female friend who will actually care for me, so i can be a better person, i didnt believe this at that time, but seeing my condition i think she is right, but whom should i woo ? I think, having a special friend is better than being in a relation, i think i have that special friend, but you know different humans, different perceptions, different cities, huge distances, it sucks. Anxiety, anger, frustration is the result of this, so i neither can be relation nor have a special friend, either way i am gonna end up getting angry, and yeah i have to join anger management classes, the other day, i shouted at some poor girl because she didnt do what i specifically told her to do, and we ended up losing points in some game, i apologized, but still, i need to control my anger, and my ADD too, i think i get distracted too easily.
I am at this new university, working my way up, being good to everyone, studying, i moved into a hostel, washing my clothes, looking after my stuff, but there is something missing from this new life of mine, and that is that person with whom i want to be, with whom i can share stuff, and that person has to be a female, with long hair, well a good looking female though with brains and a heart. You see i hate having feelings, but since god gave it them to me, i cant do anything, i somehow have to find my way through humans, to find that person who is like me, its kinda difficult. I feel good about the fact that i am washing my clothes, its like washing dirt out of my life, i mean i am serious, washing clothes is making me feel happy, but you know what would make me more happy, a comfortable couch, a big pepperoni pizza, a bottle of god father beer, and my bro Pulkit, well i dont mind putting his name over here, because he is my bro, and he has been with me for quite some time, he is committed now, i am happy, i love him. ๐Ÿ™‚
Infact everyone i know is committed, its like a disease, which is spreading pretty fast, and this makes me think, what of me ? Is there someone, who can actually be my girlfriend, accepting my eccentricity, i dont know if it ever can happen or not, but this all is too confusing.
Anyway my fellow aliens, i have to go, gotta read some business articles and review them ๐Ÿ™‚
Arriverdeci . ( Thats italian for bye, i learnt this from a game, i got half of my knowledge from playing video games, to all the alien mothers out there, please let your alien children play games, they will get intelligent then, and then they can save our galaxy) O_O
I apologize for my ADD problem, anyway bye, take care, and yeah, if anyone actually reads this, just respond, it feels good, when someone actually read what i write, bye!



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