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Odd day November 17, 2011

Posted by itsmeaditya in Uncategorized.

Well, i woke up late, missed the first hour of college, got in trouble for just reading a business newspaper, and apparently that is such a big crime in this university, that they are threatening me to detain in the second semester. Thats pretty fucked up shit aint it ?

Anyway, i got interested into stocks, so i am well trying my best to win it, but yeah, its me, lost it, pretty much upset about it, if you have been reading my posts aliens, you might have noticed, how badly i want to win things, but when i lose something, i get upset, thats well one negative point in me, and plus the crap i had in the class today, upset, not cool right ?

It sucks, i am out with a bunch of friends, not talking to anyone, my coffee is getting cold, i feel like shit. It sucks, dont want this to happen, but anyway, what can i do ! Cant write some stuff here, aliens might get offended, well i am getting pretty famous in the university, and this incident kind of made me more famous and infamous as well, anyway it doesnt matters that much. I seriously wish things should get fine soon, i guess, after a few days  i will be fine !

I am so sorry aliens, i have been posting personal stuff for some time , but soon you will get to know cool stuff, i will start updating about stocks and other stuff too !
yeah thats right, you can learn about earthlings easily.

Anyway, i gotta do other stuff, will blog later. Adios amigo. (Yup thats spanish for friend) Aliens are my friends. 🙂



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