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What actually makes people going? January 4, 2011

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.
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Alright homies, this post ,  well its a rough thought or whatever, just struck my mind. What actually keeps us humans going, you know there is hell lot of bull shit. Well for instance think of that homeless guy, shivering in cold, cursing all of us, or praying for his death, or is just numb. What keeps him going? What about that hooker , who knows that selling her body doesnt make her feel good, but she still does it for a living, what about her? what keeps her going knowing the fact that literally everyone abominates her. Think of those people who are  caught up in a war, what keeps them going. Well there are many examples, cant count them, its really difficult, try it out sometime, you would be like wooh heey what the fudge! seriously, back to the topic WHAT KEEPS THESE BRAVE SOULS GOING ON!!!


Well , there is this one little thing right in the middle of the heart, that sometimes makes your chest tight, or makes it light. Dont know the medical term, but many of us call it as heart, but its not actually the heart, its that thing which keeps us alive. Lets call it Namuh. Now this Namuh, its inside all of us, now this thing has a direct link to our brain, when everything is going hay wire , and we dont know what to do, Namuh is our knight in shining armor. It gives us hope, it tells us whats wrong and whats right. I listened to my Namuh, and well i am certainly  proud of myself. Dont ignore that feeling you get, its the Namuh talking, you ignore him, you regret. Well folks, thats it, thats just the little thought that struck me. Not so much of a big thing, but hey, its not that bad, alright no one is reading it, many people dont even have a blog. HA HA on your face i have a blog 😛 [ its good you dont have a blog, you have to update it, people pester you on posting new things, YOU HAVE TO THINK]


good night earthlings.




CBSE–Central Board of Shittiest education May 23, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.
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Hey well yeah i gave my CBSE board exams, i very well thought that i would pass it with flying colors and i can have a nice year ahead, but god had something very different in his mind for me.!

I got a compartment in mathematics, wtf? how can it happen! i got 20% come on i was expecting more than 50%.

i think what might have happened, the examiner wanted to go to do poo poo and he thought hey i am not in a good mood coz i have constipation lets give this guy a 20 and my work is done. So he hands over the paper to a peon and he apparently checks my paper who has not cleared his Xth board exams and then publish it on net. Result–tension, anxiety, depression, 2 months again maths, 4 months sitting idle, seeing your friends enjoying college and you being a douche bag.!

What the hell i seriously wont let that happen.!

i mean if we just think how can a life of a student can be handed over to some douche bag( i am really very sorry to hurt the sentiments not all checkers are douches but some are) and the people who cannot take it that seriously..they just break apart!

This thing really shouldnt happe.! but what can we do! even if we sue it its a government organization, it wont give a damn! its a bloody whole scam everyone knows it and everyone suffers from it!

why not just dissolve this whole bloody CBSE thing!


Central Board of Shittiest Education.

I am just praying to god that all those students who had a compartment and they didnt deserve let them get their deserved marks or at least passing marks..



Boards Boards the end of life BOARDS February 14, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.
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‘You have to atleast study for 12 hours or you will not go into a good university, ‘you cant do anything else apart from studies’. Yes this is what we all 12th class students hear every day. Thats horrible. And some of us do that much of hard work, but the thing what about those who cant sit for such long hours no matter how hard they try, what about them.

I so much hate this board thing, but folks boards are not the end of the life that so many of us commit suicide, its nothing like that. There is so much to do, the only thing is we may have to lose that “college going thing” but we can also have fun and enjoy without going to college so stop killing your selves dont be a loser life is beautiful.

Okay but that also doesnt means that we must stop studying for boards try as hard as we can, even if we dont succeed a satisfaction will be there which will form as a base for the rest of our life. :]

Take care study hard have fun :]

The Indian Education System February 12, 2010

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Yesterday i was talking  to my friend, she lives in united states. She said this one thing that really struck me. She said we indian guys study a lot i immediately said naah i dont study but while giving it a second thought i realized we guys actually do study a lot and our childhood is based on our marks.!

I mean hundreds of students commit suicide because of the marking system, the way the students are pressurized is ridiculous. At this point of time every 12th class child is on the verge of a nervous break down. The boards! the name it self sounds like an obnoxious monster with big mouth sharp teeth and who is going to eat us and kill us!!

Now, if we get bad marks or less marks or we dont go into a good university we get criticized badly, and that criticism we get is equal to the criticism a terrorist  gets.
We all get literate but hardly any of us gets educated. Its really bad that when the results come so many students just crush their potentials beneath the layer of death.

There are so lot many things which are just for the sake of being there. Its really bad the way we are educated. We need a hell lotta improvement. The whole CBSE pattern needs to be changed. Instead of boards we should just have an entrance exam kind of thing which tests the potential and IQ of the student in the particular field, now that seems a little impractical, but if we just work on a little here and there we can remove the cons and have a better education system.

And above all the mindset of the society has to be changed which is a big big hurdle on the way. So folks it will take some years to bring the complete change.

The above thoughts were the results of accute frustration due to application of integration and derivatives plus the determination of income and employment and the catalyst was the scolding i got from my parents. :]

this is what i think about life! February 10, 2010

Posted by itsmeaditya in My thoughts!.

We all are born for  some purpose or another ! life is not about making money and mating but its all about living. For a few days due to the stupid pressure of boards i have been thinking about life. Well i think we all have souls or spirits inside us they are nothing but energy balls. It depends what kind of energy is it positive, negative or neutral. I think there is life after life.! We live for a period of time and in that time period we have to improve upon our selves so that we can go to the higher level. The more positive and good we feel the more good it is. Its very complicated and kind of difficult too to put in words but anyway the main thing is its not what we are but who we are. There are much higher level of spirits above who help us to come up. They are our masters and these souls help us to come up.

Its more like a school just imagine a big building full of energy balls and the teachers are the masters they help us to reach to the ultimate level. According to me the ultimate level is nothing but just two big energy balls one positive and the other negative. If it is balanced peace will be there in the universe, and if someone reaches the ultimate level it just joins that ball and become one.

Moreover i also think that we human beings form a very small part of this thing.  Universe is very big it has lots of much higher level of life forms that we dont know. Well i just want to say we all have to be happy and do our work face the problems and be a human. Our religion should be humanity.

The post is not in a systematic manner, these are my thoughts so they are like random. Do comment if you find anything you know wrong or something you want to add or anything!